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What sets us apart from other SEO Companies?

When you are hunting for the best SEO Company in India, you need to understand what makes any company actually the best SEO Company: it’s the talent, tools, and technology.

We at NMT Technologies use the right blend of technical, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO strategies to improve the search visibility and ranking of a client’s website. We utilize the best of talent and the latest tools and upgraded technologies to make sure that a website meets technical requirements of all prominent search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yandex.

Trained and Talented Professionals

Our main focus is on attracting and retaining the best talent in the industry. Our SEO professionals have decades of industry experience and are well versed with the latest SEO marketing trends.

Result Driven SEO Process

As search engines constantly update their algorithms, so do we update our methods. Our SEO team constantly tests the latest SEO tactics and techniques to incorporate the best of them into our SEO process.

Consistent and Transparent Reporting

We make it simple for our clients to understand what has been planned, what’s been accomplished, and what is still pending at any given time.

Ethical SEO

Our team is trained and skilled to use just the right methods. We do not guarantee magical results overnight as by many SEO service providers, though all our projects enjoy top rankings. Check our client’s testimonials and case studies to get familiar with our unmatched SEO services.

Value-Added Services

We follow a 360 degree approach to get results and provide integrated solutions to combine SEO services with PPC advertising, social media and conversion rate optimization services.

Diverse industry expertise

Over the years, we’ve gained significant insight into diversified industries such as eCommerce, education & training, auto, healthcare & travel and lot more.

What are technical SEO and its need in today's world?

Do you know that even if you have unique and optimised content, your website’s technical SEO functionality can hinder your organic search performance?

According to Google statistics, a 10-second page load time results in a 123 percent increase in bounce rate. A one-second delay in mobile page loading can result in a 20% drop in conversion rate, an 11% decrease in page views, and a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction.

The right technical SEO strategy can make or break your website. Technical SEO is the process of optimising the technical aspects of a website to ensure that it meets search engines' technical requirements, such as Google, Bing, and Yandex.

It is focused on optimising the backend structure of a website to improve the site’s readability and user experience. By implementing technical SEO strategies, we ensure your website works faster, is easy to crawl, understandable, and visible to search engines. Our team of Google-certified SEO specialists oversees the technical SEO of your project from assessment to completion.

Our team understands the need to navigate the complex requirements and processes of technical optimization. Our technical SEO process covers many aspects, such as site architecture, speed, indexing, crawl ability, security, and mobile-friendliness. Our technical SEO services include but are not limited to the following:

Running a crawl error report

Getting rid of duplicate content

Examining the preferred domain

Improving metadata

Checking HTTPS status codes

Checking for broken links

Creating an XML sitemap

Implementing Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Increasing site speed

Utilizing robots.txt

Optimizing websites for mobile Auditing redirects

Performing a Google site search, among others

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Methodology

We put our best effort forward to explain our SEO process and its impact to our clients in a comprehensive manner. But still, if you have any questions about how your brand will be managed by our team, you can always connect with us.

From inception to implementation of SEO strategies, we aim to maintain complete transparency in our SEO process, so you remain constantly informed and involved.

Examine Your Current Website

Keyword Research and Strategy

Determine your target audience.

Technical Audit and Clean Up (page speed, error pages, etc.)

On-page SEO (Title, H1, meta tags, etc.)

Off-page SEO (link building, link profiling, etc.)

Technical SEO

Improving the User Experience

Content Creation and Optimization

Online Reputation Management

Wouldn’t it be nice for people to find you on the top of search engine results?

The rapid increase in internet usage among all age groups throughout the world has greatly affected the value of digital marketing. It is now possible to influence the whole world through web optimization. Letting the world know about your products and services from anywhere and anytime is now easier than ever.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective digital marketing tactics used to make a brand visible to millions. An effective SEO campaign can drive a huge ratio of potential customers in your direction.

NMT Technologies is a leader in digital marketing because of its highly skilled team members. Our team has the capability of achieving a perfect SEO strategy with a perfect combination of content optimization, authority optimization, as well as technical optimization.

Things we do for impeccable SEO Strategy-

We begin with Initial Website Consultation

Keyword Research

Meta Data Alterations

Content Writing with help of experienced content creators.

Front Page Content Consultation

Internal Text Link Modifications

Setup and Implementation of Google Analytics / Google Webmaster Tools

Setup and Implementation of Bing Webmaster Tools

This is not the end, we customize our SEO strategy according to the customer’s target market, organizational goals, and other factors as well.

At NMT Technologies, our customers are endowed with the most efficient SEO services. We constantly work with our clients to provide them with the best possible results and ROI.

The best of all relationships begins with a hand shake. If you are looking for an SEO company, we urge you to get in touch with us. Let’s connect with us through a short phone or video call. We will listen to your needs and recommend the best solutions.


The 3 prime factors behind our successful and effective SEO Services are as follows;

Approach- Our SEO specialists go the extra mile to work towards our client’s goals. We make sure that every step is performed with ease and perfection.

Quality- Our impeccable SEO services will never be something you regret signing up for. You will see results as long as you give us the time and patience to make it happen for you. SEO is not an instant result service and anyone that tell you otherwise is a red flag rest assured that given the opportunity we will deliver.

We create a difference- Your brand will standout above the rest in terms of quality, and visibility because that is our number one goal.

Here are few reasons why you should implement SEO;

Better brand building.

Better positioning your business to compete in today’s world by making your products as well as services visible to more people.

To gain a greater number of potential customers.

Higher ranking in search engines.

Increasing online credibility and presence.

Our team aims to help in achieving organizational goals without a hitch. We will give you wide visibility, right audience, better visibility, great link building services, more potential leads and lot more. With us, the path for reaching new business heights will become smooth and unhindered.