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Flutter is Goggle’s open-source software development kit used for crafting natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase. It is popularly used for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Google Fuchsia, and web development.

Known for delivering stunning experiences with a single code, Flutter is a cross-platform app development framework and the prototyping tool allows developers to use the same code in different environments. This, in turn, reduces the time, efforts, and complexities involved in app development across iOS and Android platforms.

NMT Technologies is a full-cycle Flutter app development company leveraging Flutter technology since its inception to deploy visually appealing and functionally rich apps, powered by 60fps. We have a veteran team of Flutter developers, material theming experts, and proficient cross-platform testing and QA analysts engaged in developing easy to use and smoothly navigable Android & iOS apps. Looking to hire an App developer? Connect with NMT Team today.

Our Flutter App Development Services

Android and iOS App Development

Our developers are skilled in designing unique and engaging apps for businesses using Google’s Flutter SDK, foundation library, and design-specific widgets. Whether you need an Android or iOS app or apps that can be accessed on both platforms for your business, our Flutter experts specialize in building high performing, singular UI design, and easy to maintain Flutter applications.

Customized Flutter App Development

Our developers use specific platforms’ APIs based on native programming language and provide customized solutions for your apps on the Flutter framework. As Flutter fully supports material theming, our Flutter app developer can skilfully customize everything on your app.

Server-Side API Integration

Flutter uses Dart’s integrable API and supports developers to create API and third-party integration. We at NMT Technologies create rest_api.dart and Gradle dependencies for API integration in Flutter. Our team can help you with the building & deployment of REST APIs to meet your specific requirements.

UI Development

Flutter’s layered architecture enables developers to create attractive and flexible UI designs. We leverage open-source fonts and Material components for interactive UI development ranging from layouts, navigation, buttons, rows, columns, and grids. Our Flutter app developers create intuitive user interfaces on the Flutter platform to provide an exhilarating experience to the users.

Cross-Platform App Development

Native app development demands huge in terms of cost, time, and efforts associated with coding and on-going support. Our Flutter app developer possesses expertise in using a single code for building unique, responsive, and scalable cross-platform applications ensuring smooth performance on multiple devices.

Flutter Game Development

Being a top flutter development company, we excel in providing Flutter game development solutions to create brilliant gaming apps across Android and iOS platforms. Our Flutter game developers are skilled in using smooth animations, unique and innovative gaming characters, and games that transition smoothly at a fast pace.

Maintenance and Support

Our Flutter app development agency provides regular technology to assure the smooth functioning of your mobile apps. You can count upon a dedicated team for real-time maintenance & support during entire project execution. We provide flexible engagement models, so you can hire Flutter experts on an hourly, weekly, and monthly basis as per your project requirements.

Why Choose Flutter App Development for Your Projects?

Same UI in All Platforms

There are no such other application frameworks like Flutter that allow sharing both the UI code the UI itself. No need to produce multiple codes for other platforms as a single code can be used for all platforms.

Native Performance

Google Flutter mobile development is winning hearts for providing native-like performance. The flutter tool kit has every possible library, component, and widget needed to recreate the native iOS and Android look and feel.

Hot Reload

Hot reload feature enables developers to debug code faster in comparison to native app development, so codes can be tested rapidly.

Fabricate Widgets

Apart from a huge Flutter SDK widget library, Flutter mobile app development also enables developers to create new widgets that make customization fast and simple with widgets.

Support for an Older version

Flutter makes use of its own rendering engine which gives it an edge over other cross-platform tools. Thus, it can work with many older versions of Android as well as an iOs.

Cost-effective Solution

As Flutter eliminates the need to have separate iOS and Android developers, it saves your money and time both. Flutter is a cost-effective solution for all types of businesses.

Looking to hire Flutter developers? Connect with us for Widget Rich Apps, Server-side Mobile APIs, Flutter Consulting, Android Apps, iOS Applications, and more.