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Google Penalty Recovery Services to fix ranking issues seamlessly.

Best Google Penalty Recovery to Rank Higher On Google!

If your website has been pecked by Google Penguin or bitten by Google Panda, there's no need to panic and condemn your website to the trash bin. All you need to get back on track is Google Penalty Recovery Services by NMT Technologies and you're back in business!

The Google Penguin and Panda were unleashed on the internet world in order to check websites that had any unnatural links in order to rank higher in Google search results. If these links were found, then the website would be demoted way down in search engine rankings, even if it were at the top of the heap earlier. Google Quality Guidelines are very strict about the kind of links that are considered natural and unnatural. Here is a list of links you should never think about if you don't want to be attacked by Google Penguin and Panda ever again

Bookmarking sites links

Guest posting campaign links

Directory links from directories created only for linking

Links (paid) that do not have the 'nofollow' tag

Article syndication site links that are low quality

You can know if your site has been affected by the Google Panda or Penguin updates by an analysis of your rankings and traffic. Here are a few clues

Your organic search traffic and leads have decreased

Your target keywords organic ranking has decreased

Google Webmaster tools has given you an unnatural links warning

If you go to site:http:/, you cannot find your site

Google Penalty Recovery Services by NMT Technologies can get you back your rankings, traffics, and results through a careful and meticulous recovery process that is both effective and cost effective.

Google Penalty Recovery Services delivers results by the implementation of the following strategies (and many more)

Find duplicacy of pages by running them through Copyscape

Review of Google Webmaster tools and analytics

Block crawling of pages which are beyond repair

Removing or updating pages which have duplicate content or are low in quality

Baseline rank checking

Resubmitting your XML sitemap in the webmaster tools

We have the experience and expertise gained from guiding numerous websites into a full recovery following a bad hit from Google's Penalty, so rest assured we can do the same for you!


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