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Refund Policy

Refund Policy

“NMT Technologies” is known for its honest and user-friendly policies. Cancellation and refund requests are rare of the rarest instances for us but, if any customer wishes to do so, our policies are easy to follow.

Take a glance at our Liberal Cancellation & Refund Policies.

Cancellation Policy-

• We allow our customers to withdraw or unsubscribe any particular service. To make this process smooth, we follow a systematic path.
• Clients who wish to cancel their projects will have to inform us (written notice) at least one month in advance.
• Reason for the cancellation is always appreciated as we will try best to resolve the issue.
• If still, the client wishes to discontinue, the cancelation request will be accepted provided all dues are cleared.

Refund Policy-

• Refund Policy varies from service to service.
• Refund is not entertained if client wish to discontinue after 7 days of service.
• Refund is not be possible for work that is already completed.
• Violating any of our terms and conditions will cancel your refund request.

Our team is always there to discuss every single policy in detail. But, it is advised to read all the terms and conditions before making a final call with us to avoid any kind of hassle.


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