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The number of people using smartphones has increased exponentially over the years, with more being bought in the thousands every day all over the world. With this rise in smartphones comes the increasing dependency on apps. Today, apps are being used for everything from hailing a cab to booking airline tickets, making an appointment with a doctor to buying medicines, buying groceries to buying clothes. The app revolution has resulted in businesses having an additional channel to market their products and services, perfectly complementing their e-commerce applications as well.

For businesses to fully leverage their apps, they absolutely need to implement app store optimization strategies. For this, you would need the services of an agency that specializes in app store SEO. ASO services are an investment that is well worth the money for the returns you get, which can be measured in the app popularity, rankings, and downloads. ASO optimization is not an after-thought anymore, something that you do after you've got an app ready, but something that is absolutely essential, plays a crucial role in the success and reach of the app, and so it is something that has to be done at the very early stages of the app's launch itself.

NMT Technologies ensures that you get the best app store optimization results through our proven app store SEO strategies. Our ASO services are constantly updated to keep up with changing search engine optimization rules. Our ASO optimization is also cost effective, value for money, affordable, and delivers a handsome return on investment within a very short time. In short, you get the results that you want to see without any hassle!

The list of services that NMT Technologies offers as part of our app store optimization services include everything from keyword targeting and optimization, app store SEO, icon creation, app screenshots, app reviews, app ratings, and optimization of app description. Our ASO optimization strategies are planned after meticulous analysis and research of your market, the competition, as well as the target demographic, to give you precise, specific, and highly effective optimization that results in front page visibility.

With our app store optimization, you can rest assured that your app will be up front on the front page of app results, getting you the results that you deserve. So ensure that your app is the perfect complement to your business strategy by getting our app store SEO services today!


ASO is meant for increasing the visibility through app optimization and for better conversation rate optimization. You will see an increase in your app installation rate and this will bring more traffic to your website. We can give a report on incoming traffic through google analytics as well.

More and more population are going mobile for searching and shopping for different products, services, etc. So the best benefits are better Discoverability, you will be found easily, we can target relevant customer base, gives more profit, etc.

We have served a long list of clients for ASO in our 8+ years of experience. A team full of ASO experts and the freedom our customers get to communicate with the team regarding their need show our transparency.