Updated Google My Business Guidelines Disallow Virtual Offices as Service-Area Businesses

The updated Google my business guidelines have become a great help for the businesses which were listed on Google but has no service area allotted. There was no clarity that whether these virtual offices on the Google are relevant enough or not. It is recommended as per the guidelines by the Google my business to have a specific location business office or a customer visit service.   What are the eligibility criteria to fulfill the set guidelines?   The business entity is eligible; If

5 Ways You Can Improve Your New Business’s Visibility on Google Map

It is important to be a leading company on the web portal nowadays. It is seen that there is a considerable change in the way people buy and sell things now. One of the majorly used ways is the online medium. It is highly convenient and user friendly. Therefore, it is equally important for the companies to be visible on the Google maps so that more and more people can contact the company.   1. Socializing is the key to success When it comes to the online portal, then one of the most importa
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